Thursday, 7 June 2012

Chapter 2

My luggage was heavy and annoying. It kept rolling in front of me as I walked down the hill because it was so heavy. When I finally came to the front doors it had signs with what dorm we were in. I scanned each one, looking for Necromancy. When I found it, I memorised the dorm number and headed off. The school was huge. There were corridors that went one way then met up with another corridor then you would end up where you started. I finally came to the dorm room and entered. It was large and spacious, but not that much. It felt just perfect. There were 3 sets of stairs and I had no clue to which one to go up.
"It's the one on the right."
I turned to face whoever said that so I could thank them, but no one was there. So I went up the stairs to the right. When I was up the top, I saw my dorm with my number.


I knew we had heaps of dorms and the corridor stretched forever, so I was lucky to get one down this end. I opened the door to reveal a nicely sized room. The walls were blank except for one note on the wall. It said,
Dear Miss Cain,
Welcome to the house, Morwenna.
Some reminders,
1. Every morning there will be a note under your door telling your agenda for each day.
2. The walls can be decorated anyway you would like
3. The phone on the wall can be used to call other dorms, ask for help etc.
I hope this year will be one of the best
Yours sincerely,
The School Board.
"Your late."
I turned to see Lynxia Lost leaning against the door, her bracelet hanging off her wrist.
"I'm not late, your early." I said, then shot her a smile.
She smiled back.
"Well come on, let's find the others."
I put my luggage on the bed then joined Lynxia in the hallway and we both headed down the stairs to find the others.

Monday, 4 June 2012

The school for minions chapter 1

Ok, this is going to be awesome....

~ ~

I walked from the airport to the taxi area, where I climbed in one. My luggage was in the boot, waiting to be unpacked. I sat in the back and gave instructions to driver.
"Got it?" I asked.
"Yes... what was your name again?"
"That doesn't matter, now let's go otherwise I'll be late."
He started the engine, and pulled out of the bay, on to the road. He had driven for about an hour when I paid him and got out. The school wasn't far now, I knew it.
I grabbed my luggage and pulled it along me. The Irish country-side was beautiful, there were birds singing, and all the other lovely stuff you'de expect in the country-side. I suddenly felt my Necromancy necklace get a tingly feeling. I was here.
The hill ended and in the valley below me was a the most majestic school you could ever imagine. It wasn't a castle, but like a giant building. The windows I could see from where I was standing, large and... windowy. I saw the track and other students arriving. I walked onto the path.
This was going to be the best year ever.